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What is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

woman massaging face

Platelet Rich Fibrin, or PRF, is a technology developed to use your own body's own healing and growth factors found in your blood to rejuvenate skin, treat hair loss, and accelerate general recovery. The natural growth factors in your own blood can be harnessed with a simple blood draw, and then used to stimulate and treat your skin.

This procedure is virtually pain-free, and only requires a simple blood draw as used in everyday blood labs.

woman massaging face

Normal Artificial Procedures or PRF Natural Procedures?

What are the main differences between receiving facial esthetic treatment using normal artificial procedures, versus PRF natural procedures? Let's take a look at the major differences between these treatment methods below:

woman wondering
woman wondering
  • Normal artificial procedures typically use dead human cadaver or animal tissue products, whereas PRF natural procedures are 100% natural and safe.
  • The acquiring of premium biometerials used in normal artificial procedures can be costly and troublesome, whereas PRF natural procdures only requires a virtually painless blood sample, which is convenient and safe.
  • The curative properties of the normal artifical procedures will depend on the quality of the human tissue or animal species of the product, whereas PRF natural treatment is entirely customized around your own body's regenerative properties, as the healing proteins and factors are acquired from your own body.

Our Prime PRF Natural Procedures

01. PRF Microneedling

Microneedling with PRF boosts your facial skin rejuvenation. Microneedling relies on the principle of neovascularization (new blood flow) that occurs as a result of minimal trauma, causing the formation of rapid new collagen of the skin surface.

woman microneedling

02. PRF Facial Injections

This method of using your body's own healing and organic properties to rejuvenate your skin, treat hair loss, boost the production of collagen, treat wrinkles, tighten your skin, and reduce scarring cuased by acne.

facial injection

03. Bio-Filler Produced
with PRF

The Bio-Filler technology was introduced as an all-natural method of using PRF as a natural biological filler, hence the term Bio-Filler. The PRF is treated with heat to dramatically boost its working properties to make it readily available as a 100% all natural procedure. The Bio-Filler normally lasts for approximately 6 months, during which regeneration of the body is also given a boost.

filler injections

04. PRF Hair Regrowth

Regain and rejuvenate your luscious locks naturally with our PRF Hair Regrowth procedure! In this procedure, the regrowth and regenerative potential of your hair follicles is brought up to its maximum with PRF.

luscious hair


Microneedling with PRF $700
Facial Injections with PRF $600
Bio-Filler Produced with PRF $800
PRF Hair Regrowth $900